Dealer Testimonials

  • Thom McDonald, Undercover Systems® of Colorado

    Over the past 8 years as the Undercover Systems® dealership for the state of Colorado, my business has established itself as the premier under-deck ceiling system in the state. As with any business there have been a few ups and downs but overall, the business has continued to grow because of the quality of the product. The design and manufacturing of the panel and gutter system has always been of the highest standard and it is very easy to sell the benefits of Undercover Systems® against all other products. Working with Tom Stevens and his facility has been very straight forward and consistent and has made my business much easier to run because everything runs smoothly between the ordering, manufacturing, and installation phase of the product. I feel that I have established a good working relationship with Tom Stevens and he has taken steps over the years to ensure consistent manufacturing quality as well as fulfilling my needs as a dealership. I appreciate the fact that I am able to run my business in Colorado without having to constantly monitor the supply side of the operation. When I am in need of a shipment of materials, I order the product, and I never have to worry about material being mis-manufactured, quantities being incorrect, or billing that is inaccurate. I look forward to many more years working with Tom Stevens as Undercover Systems® of Colorado.

    Thom McDonald, Undercover Systems® of Colorado on June 12, 2018
  • Jim Waddell, Undercover Systems® of Georgia

    “I was a customer before becoming a dealer. My background was in Information Technology and not in sales. Owning the product, enjoying the outdoor living space it created, and believing in the product made it easy for me to get in front of customers and give my testimonial.

    Tom and his staff have provided excellent support with getting my dealership started and assisting me with configuring custom installations. Their experience with installing thousands of Under Deck Roof Systems was invaluable. I strongly suggest anyone wanting to purchase a dealership take a good look at Undercover Systems®.”

    Jim Waddell, Undercover Systems® of Georgia on June 12, 2018
  • Jim Conn, Undercover Systems® of Tennessee

    “I came onboard with Undercover Systems® in 2003 after a career in the Corporate World. I decided that with all of the uncertainty in Corporate America, I wanted to take control of my life and look for an opportunity that would give me the security and freedom that I wanted for my family. After looking at various business ventures, I found Undercover Systems® and I knew that I had found my future.

    “Undercover Systems® is an engineered, well thought out product that is relatively easy to install and once homeowners know that there is a solution to their unsightly and unusable under deck area, it practically sells itself.

    “I highly recommend Undercover Systems® and their patented system to anyone looking for a Fun, Rewarding and Lifestyle friendly business.”

    Jim Conn, Undercover Systems® of Tennessee on June 12, 2018
  • Ronnie Fulton, Undercover Systems® of Lexington, Kentucky

    “I discovered Undercover Systems® while researching solutions for my own under deck ceiling solution. The Undercover systems product is top-notch! I like the product so much I purchased a dealership as well and became my own first customer. It has been four years now, and I have experienced consistent growth through referrals and one happy customer after another. My company provides unique and high-end solutions and Undercover Systems® fits right in there as one of my favorite product offerings.”

    Ronnie Fulton, Undercover Systems® of Lexington, Kentucky on June 12, 2018
  • Mark McInnis, Undercover Systems® of North Carolina

    “I have been an Undercover Systems® dealer for the past 11 years. I am a licensed building contractor and I originally thought that the addition of a quality under deck roof system would compliment our custom home construction business. I had no idea how well our product would be received. I have seen our under deck roof business continue to grow each and every year. The exciting thing is that every time we present our product, we do it with the same enthusiasm as we did with our very first installation because we know that our product does exactly what it is supposed to do. I have never found a product that could possibly work as well while providing our customers with a beautiful finished appearance. I am proud to be an Undercover Systems® dealer.”

    Mark McInnis, Undercover Systems® of North Carolina on June 12, 2018
  • Alex Rutherford, Undercover Systems Central Division

    “Thanks to Tom and the Undercover Systems® organization becoming a dealer has proven to be very rewarding. The product not only offers the best features of any on the market, it allows your business to gain the competitive edge that every company constantly strives for. I encourage any company looking to gain that same competitive edge to contact Tom and Undercover Systems® to learn more about the opportunities and advantages of becoming an Undercover Systems® Dealer.”

    Alex Rutherford, Undercover Systems Central Division on June 12, 2018