Undercover Systems® Advantages & Comparison to Other Investments

When you become an Undercover Systems® dealer, you take gain control over your financial future and decide when and how much you wish to work. With other business opportunities, they have more control over you and decide when you will work.


  • Lower Investment
  • Home Based
  • Green Certified
  • Exclusive Large Territory (typically 1 million + in population)
  • Lower Equipment Package
  • Mobile
  • No Weekends or Nights
  • No Royalty
  • Lower Labor – 6 –to 10%
  • Ease of Operation

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advantages-Undercover Systems

Americans have always “lived” outdoors, but the concept of “outdoor living” is relatively new and rapidly growing. The entire “leisure lifestyle” industry is now a $6.2 billion industry. What is outdoor living? It means bringing all the comforts of indoor living to the outdoors……. it all starts with UNDERCOVER SYSTEMS PREMIER UNDERDECK CEILING TO PROVIDE A UNUSABLE SPACE INTO A DRY AND COMFORTABLE OASIS.